Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Barrington aka Buddy found his perfect family!

Barrington is now called Buddy and has found his very own family that adores him. We are so happy that he's settling in well. Buddy's family has started their own special blog so that everybody can follow is progress and see his photos:

His family wrote to IBR:
Hi, Im Kelly and we are the proud new family to Barrington "Buddy".
We have had him in our family for a week now and it is like he has
always be here.
Thanks to IBR we have a perfect new member of our family. We are so
proud of Buddy that we started a blog for him. I would love for all of
you to check it out and see that all your hard work pays off.
Check him out at
Im a sucker for animals and wish we could foster 100 of them but with a
toddler it is a little harder. So, thank you to the IBR for all you do
to bring dogs like Buddy to families like ours.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Weekend

Another weekend with little Buddy. We went on a super long walk in the awsome weather on Sunday. No dog park till after the stiches heal. I let he and Dalton putter around the back room while I did bills. I don't know if you can see Dalton coming through the door. Look carfully. Still no whining! This guy is quiet. He is however getting used to playing with my GSP. I was able to grab some spleepy pictures and an ear rub shot. With the warm weather here little buddy was a bit wiggly. Aren't we all

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well it's been about a week and a half since I picked up little buddy. I know his name is Barrington but for some reason the words 'Little Buddy' or 'Buddy Barrington' pop out whenever I look at him. Tooo much classic TV. Barrington got snipped yesturday. Poor guy. He's fine just a little groggy and tender.. He slept the whole way home on the front seat from the vet... Downer's Grove to Oak Park. I think the drugs got to him cause I tried to get him to walk he just looked around with these huge eyes. I let him rest in the back bedroom with me last night. There was some cuddling and sniffing going on. Not much else. Barrington is just a mild mannor quiet guy. Rather Clark Kent like. Later....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Mom and I picked up little Barrington aka 'Buddy' on Sunday March 10 in Plainfield. We brought my dog Dalton to make sure they could be friends. I got Dalton in September from IBR. He is a solid liver GSP. They brought Barrington out and my heart skipped a beat. What a cutie!!!! I got small little kisses. No jumping!!! He looked a little worse for wear. Very skinny with some scrapes and bumps. This guy needs love ran through my head! I don't think Little Buddy has ever seen stairs before. I live on the 2nd floor. I got him through the door but he just froze when he saw the steps. I carried him up 1 flight to get out of the way and then finallly with a lot of coaxing he went up the rest. I got everyone into the apartment. Next big step - meet the kitties. I also have 2 cats. Nikki is my brave short haired cat. Well she let Barrington know she was boss lady of the house. She has no claws in the front so all he got was alot of noise and some nose battings. Barrington just kinda sniffed and stared. We all just hung out the rest of the night. Little Buddy was awsome in the crate. No whining or complaining. I'll work on gtting some pictures up.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Barrington Is Looking for a Foster Home!

Meet Barrington---a sweet little English Pointer boy that is waiting to be rescued from a shelter in Southern Illinois.
Little Barry needs a foster home, so that he gets a new lease on life!
Illinois Birddog Rescue is putting the call out---if you would be interested in fostering this cutie pie---or would like to make a donation so that IBR can board him until a foster home opens up to keep him safe, please contact Lisa immediately:

Don't hesitate any longer!! Barry needs your help!!!